The FlexiForceTM Prototyping Kit allows engineers and designers the freedom to plug their preferred circuit module(s), easily make sensitivity adjustments, and gain confidence in how a FlexiForce sensor will behave in their prototype. The open-source nature of thkit makes for a more efficient progression to field-testing and the final embedded design.


  • Sensitivity adjustment made programmable via reference voltage. An on-board jumper easily selects the applied voltage.
  • Resistor/capacitor values easy to swap out.
  • Test FlexiForce sensors with the same methods used by Tekscan application engineers.
  • Be more confident in FlexiForce sensor performance in your proof-of-concept and prototype.
  • See instant feedback of sensor performance under different loading actuators and interfacing materials.
  • The small and affordable kit saves engineers and designers the effort of building circuitry and other components for their FlexiForce-embedded proof-of-concept or prototype.
  • Interchangeable analog circuit modules allows users to test the functionality of their FlexiForce sensors with ease.
  • Open-source software interface allows users to control loading, record sensor data, adjust sensitivity, and calibrate the sensor.


The FlexiForce Prototyping Kit contains:

  • (1) FlexiForce prototyping Bord
    • Programmable reference voltage (sensitivity adjustment)
    • Arduino nano chip
    • 9 volt battery connector
  • (3)  Analog circuit modules
    •  Voltage divider, inverting op-amp, and noninverting op-amp
  • (2) ) FlexiForce sensors
    • (1) A201-1
    • (1) A201-25
  • (1)  Quickstart guide
    • Includes link to download open-source software

Additional Specifications

Size L x W (mm (in.))38 x 66 mm (6.00 x 6.00 x 9.14 in.)
Weight (g (lb))28g (0.06 lb)
Analog Output0 - 5V
Digital OutputUp to 10 bit (8 bit default)
Operating Temperature-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

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