Decodio NET for Tetrapol is a powerful air interface analysis tool for Tetrapol PMR networks based on Decodio RED. It provides interactive network overview, real-time identification and parallel decoding of all active Tetrapol emissions.

Source: (22.02.2021)

  • Network monitoring via air interface
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Full decoding of broadcast network parameters and monitoring of call allocations
  • Fast automatic detection of Tetrapol carriers
  • Signal quality and power monitoring
  • Simultaneous decoding of all available channels in real-time
  • User-defined translation of numeric parameters and IDs into readable names
  • Synchronization measurements for single frequency networks

Flexible extensions

  • DECODIO RUNNER - Drive test
  • DECODIO PINK/QoS - Network monitoring and QoS
  • DECODIO BLUE - Logging, visualization and analysis in the web-browser
  • DECODIO ReX - Recording and analysis of unknown emissions and analog PMR
  • PDU-output - Comprehensive PDU output for protocol analysis
  • DECODIO ORANGE - PDU post-processing and call statistics

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