Decodio NET for TETRA is a powerful air interface analysis tool for TETRA networks based on Decodio RED. It provides interactive network overview, real-time identification and parallel decoding of all active TETRA emissions. Continuous logging of all decoded data provides a high level of reliability and traceability and allows the advanced analysis in various Decodio modules.

Source: (22.02.2021)

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Full decoding of broadcast network parameters as well as voice content
  • Fast automatic detection of TETRA carriers
  • Simultaneous decoding of all available channels in real-time
  • Signal quality and power monitoring
  • Powerful protocol data unit (PDU) output
  • User-defined translation of numeric parameters and IDs into readable names

Cryptographic interface

A C API is available for network operators holding a TETRA cryptographic license from ETSI. This enables the automatic decryption of all TETRA contents in the Decodio solution if the encryption keys are available.

  • Support for both Class 2 and Class 3 encryption
  • Support for TEA-1, TEA-2, TEA-3, TEA-4 and TAA1 algorithms
  • Easy-to-use key management interface

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