The AMS-8060 Selective Area Monitor is a complete and flexible measuring system for monitoring high-frequency fields ranging from 75 MHz up to 3 GHz, by means of the built-in, tri-axial antenna. The unit includes also a powerful data logger, a power supply with solar panel and back-up battery for up to 4 hors/day selective measurements when no external power is available, a GSM modem and antenna. Its rugged construction allows its installation in the field, be it indoors or outdoors, while its compact size and limited weight allow the AMS-8060 to be easily relocated at any time. Through user-friendly software the Selective Area Monitor can analyse up to 20 different portions (bands) of the spectrum, showing the EMF values of each band and the broadband value. All the measuring parameters can be easily set and modified in line with the different requirements of monitoring.

The measured data are logged in the AMS-8060 memory and can then be downloaded onto a PC, either remotely by GSM or locally by RS232. An automatic, continuous check system provide alarm signals should any abnormal situations occur.

  • ITU-T K.83 compliant
  • Monitoring of separately programmable bands
  • Built in three axis antenna (isotropic)
  • Communication via GSM
  • Power supply from solar cells
  • Backup with automobile battery (lead/acid battery)
Frequency range75 MHz to 3 GHz
Dynamic range10 mV/m to 300 V/m
Measurement intervalDown to 200 ms (depending on bandwidth settings)
Dimensions, antenna radome260 x 740 mm
Dimensions, mainframe660 x 600 x 30 mm
Dimensions, solar panel500 x 600 x 51 mm

Wireless / telecommunication: measurement of transmitters on towers and housetops; mobile stations

  • GSM modem for PC (requieres an additional SIM card for CSD)

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Factory calibration

Factory calibration

During a factory calibration, not only the characteristic data is checked but also a comprehensive functional test and minor, preventive maintenance work is made to increase the reliability of the measuring devices and prevent possible failures.

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