The Narda Area Monitor System 2600 provides a complete solution for remote monitoring of electromagnetic field strength. With this powerful system fields can be permanently monitored at any desired location. A variety of different alarms are available. The system provides stable and reliable results even at very low levels. The control software allows fully automatic system operation with wide variety of user defined settings. Different conditions may be programmed to generate an alarm message to the system control center and/or to the responsible site- or safety-manager. The complete system consists of one or more Station 2600 field monitors and the Software 2600.

  • Electric field monitoring 
  • Magnetic field monitoring
  • Low frequency and high frequency probes
  • Data transfer by GSM
  • Independent power supply from solar cells
  • PC software with alarm functions
VersionFrequency range
Version with probe type 330500 kHz to 3 GHz
Version with probe type 3091 MHz to 18 GHz
Version with probe type 30520 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Wireless / telecommunication: measurement of transmitters on towers and housetops; mobile stations
  • Satellite communication: measurement of transmitter stations, antenna stations and their leads
  • Broadcast / TV: measurement of transmitter stations, antenna stations and their leads
  • Military: measurement of radar units, transmitter stations, antenna stations and their leads
  • Power supply: Power stations, transformer stations and high-voltage power lines are low frequency emitting sources. Transmitters are high frequency emitting sources.


TypeField typeFrequency rangeItem number
Type 330E-field500 kHz - 3 GHz2600/90.20
Type 309E-field1 MHz - 18 GHz2600/90.22
Type 305H-field20 Hz - 3 kHz2600/90.48

Additional supplies:

  • Fiberglass pylon (height 2m) incl. socket

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Factory calibration

Factory calibration

During a factory calibration, not only the characteristic data is checked but also a comprehensive functional test and minor, preventive maintenance work is made to increase the reliability of the measuring devices and prevent possible failures.

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