During a factory calibration, not only the characteristic data is checked but also a comprehensive functional test and minor, preventive maintenance work is made to increase the reliability of the measuring devices and prevent possible failures. A firmware update to update your device can be ordered with a calibration.

Services of a factory calibration

  • Test of the relevant device functions
  • Modifications for product improvement
  • Precautionary test for wear effects
  • Small repairs
  • Check and replacement of the buffer battery
  • Replacement of the operating battery (depending on device type)
  • Firmware update (optional)
  • Calibration of all important parameters according to the manufacturers specification
  • Calibration and adjustment when tolerance values are exceeded
  • Documentation of the measured values before and after adjustment
  • Documentation of traceability to SI units
  • Calibration certificate with measured values and measurement uncertainty
  • Cleaning of the device
  • Calibration mark

If your device needs repair, you will receive a quotation. Only after you have agreed to this, a corresponding repair will be carried out. We generally recommend factory calibrations every 24 months for our instruments and probes. For details, refer to the respective data sheets.

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