Our devices are designed for many years of professional use in rough environments. Should a repair be necessary, we will gladly carry it out for you. Extensive repairs also include a factory calibration, which ensures that your device is "as new". To ensure quick handling we differentiate between two types of repairs: Minor and Major repair.

Minor Repair

Smaller repairs of mechanical faults at a fixed price

Major Repair

Larger repairs at a fixed price

When a major repair is required the fault is usually caused by electrical failures. These are generally fixed by replacing components or complete assemblies. As a result, a Major Repair always requires and includes a factory calibration. If a major repair is not ecomonically worthwhile we will get in contact with you and discuss the further procedure to find a solution.
Whether it's a minor or major repair is decided by the service center of Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH after a functional test. A corresponding cost estimate will be sent to you after the examination.
Each repair also includes a comprehensive functional test and various precautionary maintenance work. These increase the future operational safety and prevent failures. Possible irregularities are eliminated, a firmware update can be ordered on demand. The manufacturer grants a 6 month warranty for every repair.

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