INRADIOS Satellite Link Planner (SLP) is a SATCOM analysis and optimization tool, covering all aspects of modern satellite communications. SLP perfectly supports major parts of the SATCOM value chain such as satellite system design, transmission planning and transponder usage optimization. The optimization feature allows satellite operators to maximize revenues while minimizing power equivalent bandwidth (PEB) resources per carrier. SLP includes a data base for commercially available transponders in C, x, Ku and Ka bands. Fully customized or special purpose payloads can be integrated on customer demand.

  • Detailed link budget calculations
  • Transponder usage optimization
  • Accurate and verified modelling of intermodulation effects
  • Advanced visualization features
  • API interface to third party software tools
  • Military and customized payloads available
  • Commercial satellite systems predefined in database
  • Supporting in-orbit test & verification campaigns
  • space segment schematic visualization
  • Database support and reporting functions

 System requirements:

  • PC + Windows operating system (Windows 7 up or newer)
  • .NET Framework Version 4.5
  • 500 MB free disk space
  • 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM recommended


  • Languages: English, German, others possible on demand
  • Data exchange formats: PDF, MSExcel, GXT antenna footprint files
  • INRADIOS proprietary encrypted import/export files
  • Software interface to INRADIOS CSM (communication system monitoring)
  • Software interface to INRADIOS frequency coordination software
  • Software interface to INRADIOS satellite transponder simulator software